Engine Recharge Kit

A safe way to clean up a sludgy engine by circulating a mild detergent to restore oil flow then adding a conditioner to condition all the moving parts.

• Oil System Cleaner quickly dissolves soft sludge to improve oil circulation without plugging the oil screen • Motor Aid Oil Treatment contains ZDDP to condition all moving parts and detergents to continue to clean the crankcase • This process also slightly expands seals to reduce seal seepage and stop small leaks

Penray Part: #7502

PMT-3 Friction Free

Our best selling oil additive improves lubrication by creating a tougher oil film, sticks better to parts, and keeps engines clean to extend engine life

• Contains Molybdenum Disulfide to increase film strength and reduce friction and wear at start up • Extends oil life by reducing oxidation rate of motor oil for extended drain intervals • Superior detergent package to keep engine clean • Keeps seals soft and pliable to prevent leaks and seepage

Petro Part: #PFF031

High Mileage Oil Treatment

An oil supplement to meet the changing needs of higher mileage engines 75k-200k

Seal conditioner to make seals soft and pliable again - viscosity improvers to maintain oil pressure – special detergent to keep engine clean – hybrid polymers to reduce oil consumption

Penray Part: #3182

Motor Pep Tune-Up

A mild detergent to quiet noisy lifters, free stuck rings, clean the oil screen, and dissolve hard oil deposits

• Ideal as an oil change prep • Use as a troubleshooting tool to free stuck and noisy lifters- if it doesn't help then you know there is excessive camshaft or lifer wear • Can increase compression if rings are stuck with varnish

Penray Part: #3016

Oil Treatment

Designed for higher mileage engines to reduce oil consumption, increase compression, and reduce engine wear and noise

• High end polymers cushion worn bearings to reduce scuffing, galling, and excess noise • Improves viscosity index about 5 points to increase oil pressure without restricting oil flow • increases compression to help compensate for worn rings

Petro Part: #POT034


Reduces fluid loss in engine, transmission, and power steering systems

Slightly expands seals to restore elasticity and stop leaks • expands seals about 10% to compensate for shrinkage and wear • will not balloon or damage seals • cannot repair pinched and damaged seals

Smart Blend Part: #17026

When To
Change Your Oil:

Synthetic Oil:
every 5000 miles.

Conventional Oil:
every 3000 miles.

Motor Oils
function as:

a lubricant.

a sealant.

a detergent.

The longer
you drive

your oil, the
thicker it