Our finest fuel service kit that dissolves carbon deposits on contact

• Tank additive that cleans and restores emission system efficiency • aggressive carbon dissolver that removes deposits on valves, pistons, compression rings, valve seats, and combustion chambers • throttle body cleaner to clean air inlet and idle air control valves

Petro Part: #PDC033

Induction System Kit

The once-a-year service to maintain peak mileage and performance.

• Cleans and lubricates the throttle body assembly with special 360 degree nozzle to spray upside down if desired • Patented top engine cleaner removes carbon deposits on valves and pistons and • Tank additive cleans injectors, disperses moisture, and lubricates injectors • Can clean EGR ports and O2 sensors to maintain emission system efficiency • Will improve mileage by 2-3 miles per gallon if fuel system was dirty

Petro Part: #PIS005

FX-222 Fuel System Supreme

The strongest tank additive available.

• Aggressive detergent rapidly cleans fouled injectors while you drive • Reduces CO and NOX emissions to allow catalytic converters to clean themselves • Improves mileage and performance • Cleans tanks and lines to correct fuel contamination • Treats up to 25 gallons

Petro Part: #PSF145

Fuel Injector Cleaner

Use every 3K to keep injectors and fuel system clean.

• keeps injectors clean • improves mileage and performance • corrects fuel contamination • treats 23 gallons of gasoline

Petro Part: #PFI075

Fuel Prep Diesel Conditioner

An all season diesel conditioner to restore power and mileage

• Cleans tank, pump, lines, and injectors • lubricates pump for maximum flow • biocide to prevent algae buildup • reduces smoke and emissions

Penray Part: #100012

Total Intake System Cleaner

An aerosol upper engine cleaner that removes deposits instantly

• Synergistic blend of patented cleaners that dissolve carbon on contact • can be applied to hot or cold engine • no soak time necessary

Smart Blend Part: # 17020

Top Engine Cleaner

Japanese OE valve and combustion chamber cleaner

• Run through misting wedge to soak intake valves, combustion chambers, and pistons • 10 minute soak time • drive car to blow out excess carbon

Petro Part: #PTE742

Intake Valve Cleaner

A universal Lubrizol based carbon cleaner

• Can be used with pressurized injector rail flush tool • use with S-wand adapter as a throttle body and plenum cleaner • use as a tank additive for maximum cleanliness

Penray Part: #2312

Top Engine Tool

Part: #186

Fuel System Conditioner Cleaner

Part: #

Direct Injection Cleaner

Penray Part: #2113

Fuel Service
should be
done once a
year to
your mileage.

Fuel Injector Cleaner
should be added
when you change your oil.

Fossil Fuels
will always leave
carbon deposits
in your engine.