Cleans quickly, dries fast, and doesn’t stink

Quickly degreases pads, rotors, calipers, and all surfaces leaving no residue • dries super fast without that heavy “chemical” smell and headache of those cheaper brands • ideal surface prep for use with silicone sealers

Penray Part: #4520

Carburetor Cleaner

The strongest carb cleaner available on the market

Quickly removes gum, varnish, and petroleum residue on all surfaces • high power spray blasts deposits away quickly • contains methylene chloride which has been removed from most consumer grade cleaners • formula can irritate skin so use caution when applying • professional use only

Petro Part: #PCC253

Throttle Plate Cleaner

Large cans for multiple cleanings

Professional formula cleans carbon buildup on throttle body surfaces, EGR ports, passages, and IAC motors • special 360 degree nozzle sprays upside down to get into hard to reach areas(for the first half can) • leaves light oil film to lubricate moving parts

Petro Part: #PTP753

Mini Throttle Plate Cleaner

Single use foaming throttle body cleaner

Ideal for drive-by-wire throttle body cleaning • foaming action promotes hassle free cleaning • small size designed for getting into cramped spaces • 360 degree nozzle can be sprayed upside down for hard to reach areas • the best TBI cleaner formula on the market

Smart Blend Part: # 17026

Mass Air Flow Cleaner

Safely cleans MAF sensor to improve fuel system performance

Removes dust and buildup from mass air flow sensor filaments • designed for Japanese cars and effective on all vehicles • improves fuel trim readings for better performance

Petro Part: #PMA164

PR-3 Penetrant & Lubricant

Multi-purpose lubricant for automobiles… WD40 for cars!

Spray quickly penetrates rust and corrosion to loosen stuck bolts • leaves a light oil residue to lubricate bolts, slides, hinges, locks, and any moving part on your vehicle • hundreds of uses on your car • the most versatile lubricant on the market

Penray Part: #4516

Silicone Spray

A “wet” silicone lubricant for channels, slides, and seals

Wet silicone formulation leaves film on rubber and plastics to lubricate • perfect for weatherstrip treatment • preserves rubber and vinyl flexibility and color • excellent tire dressing • use on electrical connections to prevent corrosion and protect contacts

Petro Part: #PSS251

Winzer Polylube 250

Teflon gel lubricant for severe duty applications

Tenacious lubricant will not wash or steam off when sprayed on a clean surface • super slick formulation ideal for gears, slides, channels, and hinges that will be exposed to weather or water • “slick as whale snot”

Winzer Part #891250

A/C Power Foam & Condition Air 2000

Renews air quality and freshness in the passenger cabin

Kills enzymes in A/C evaporator box with a hospital grade biocide • inject foam into evaporator drain to fill and scrub coils and repeat • spray aerosol into fresh air inlet to kill bacteria to refresh ducts and vents • ideal as a yearly treatment with cabin filter change for customers with allergies • will help remove cigarette odors depending on how severe

Petro Part: #PAC008

Super Rust Breaker

Part: #ZAA394


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