Oil System

In order to understand the oil system we must first review the three basic functions of motor oil:

1. To Lubricate. Which literally means “to make slippery”. A barrier of oil should be maintained between opposing metal surfaces to reduce friction, temperature, and parts wear.

2. As a Coolant. Engine lubricants flow across the metal surfaces in an engine, pick up the heat that is being generated, and transfer the heat to the atmosphere through the oil pan to reduce engine temperature and the rate of oil oxidation.

3. As a Sealant. Without engine oil to fill the end gaps of the piston rings it would be impossible to achieve full compression in the cylinders. Although there are many benefits that engine oils provide these are the primary functions.

The motor oils that are available to the general public have improved dramatically over the years—they have increased anti-wear additives and detergents that will extend engine life and keep engines cleaner longer. The primary problem with oil system service is confusion over drain intervals—in general, your owners manual suggests up to 7,500 miles for “light duty” conditions and 3,000 miles for “severe duty” but in reality most drivers do a combination of both.

Damage to the engine due to oil system failure is a result of oxidation, or reaction with oxygen, combined with heat and contaminants that cause the oil to thicken the longer the oil remains in the crankcase. When the oil thickens it becomes gummy, developing sludge, and eventually becomes hard oil or carbon which ultimately will destroy the engine by restricting flow of the lubricant.

There are several services we offer that will reduce engine wear, oil oxidation, remove unwanted engine deposits, and extend the life of the engine. We recommend a Premium Oil Change if you want the best oil change available, or if your vehicle has gone past 3,000 miles since your last oil change. Your service outlet will perform a regular oil and filter change but will also install an Oil Service Kitto clean and condition your engine.

First they will add a product called Penray Motor Pep to your old oil to clean up the sludge that has accumulated and allow it to safely drain out of your engine. With the fresh oil they will add PMT-3 Friction Free to condition all the moving parts, continue to clean the engine while you drive, and reduce friction and wear to extend engine life. This service will make sure the engine stays clean and give you an extra margin of protection should you go past your recommended oil change interval.

There is also a product that we suggest for High Mileage engines—that may be using some oil, smoking, or have engine noise. We recommend Oil Treatment by Petro Chemical because it contains a polymer package to reduce bearing scuffing, slightly increase viscosity, compensate for worn rings to increase compression, help quiet engine noise, and reduce oil consumption. This chemistry will help older engines last longer and perform their best.

Because engine seals shrink any where from 2% to 5% in the first few years of operation it is not uncommon for leaks to occur. Petro Chemical has a product called Engine Sealer that contains PMT-3 Friction Free with a seal conditioner that will slow or stop most engine leaks. Although not a “miracle cure” in a can—and cannot repair a cut or pinched seal—my experience has been it will reduce or stop oil seepage most of the time and is well worth a try!

Engine failure these days is almost always due to lack of proper oil service—many of my customers have seen new cars with 12,000 miles between oil changes simply because the customer forgot to service the car!!! These oil products and services can compensate for lack of proper service and give you some extra insurance against premature engine failure—a small price to pay for a lot of protection…..an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure…..Engine Oils oxidize and break down after 3,000 miles of normal driving and produce gum, varnish, and sludge deposits that restrict oil flow and reduce your oils ability to lubricate vital engine parts. Our PREMIUM OIL CHANGE will safely clean your engines’ vital moving parts and condition them to reduce parts wear and extend the life of your engine!


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