Cooling System ReCharge Kit

A two-step process to safely clean your radiator, engine block, and heater core plus condition and protect all the metal surfaces in your cooling system.

Non-acid flush to dissolve rust, scale, calcium, and sludge • will not damage any metals, plastics, or rubber • allows deposits to be pumped or drained out of the system during service.

Coolant conditioner boosts rust and corrosion inhibitors • will raise pH numbers of all coolants • prevents electrolysis and cavitation erosion of metal surfaces – lubricates water pump seal.

Penray Part: #1102

Cool-Tec 2

A coolant conditioner that boosts your additive package to keep the cooling system clean.

Additive package replenishes rust and corrosion inhibitors in old coolant • will raise pH numbers in existing coolant • prevents cavitation erosion with special anti-foam agents • prevents harmful electrolysis by preventing oxidation of metals in the cooling system • lubricates and extends water pump seal life.

Penray Part: #1112


Diesel Coolant Treatment designed for medium and small diesel engines.

Replenishes additive package in spent coolant • eliminates costly cavitation erosion that pits liners and other surface in cooling jacket • add with coolant refill for extra protection • add twice a year for continuous protection.

PENRAY Part: #300016

Holts Radweld

(Subaru Label).

Part: #345001

Cool Prep Coolant Flush

Part: #1212

Cooling System Service
should be
done every two years
or 36,000 miles.

A 50/50 mix of
antifreeze and water
will boil at 235 degrees
and freeze
at minus 34 degrees.

will permanently
keep the car
from freezing
but its ability to protect
the metals
after one year.