Since 1998 GO Limited has become an Authorized Distributor for the three finest manufacturers of installer grade chemistry in the world - Petro Chemical Products , The Penray Companies, and Life Automotive. No single manufacturer has all the best formulas - that's why I have handpicked each product to provide you with the finest technology available to extend the life of your car. All of the products we recommend have been thoroughly tested by the manufacturer and by GO Limited to assure their results. All of these formulas have been proven to extend component life and we use them on all of our own vehicles.

Petro Chemical (Amrep)

Started in 1980 by JM Family in Jacksonville, Florida this company was developed by Jim Moran to supply Toyota with automotive chemicals that meet their rigorous standards for quality. The manufacturing facility was completely re-tooled to accommodate Asian production standards and soon after began producing formulas for Nissan, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, and Hyundai. The Petro Chemical brand that GO Limited markets reflects that high standard of quality—we have a substantial Research and Development department that guarantees state-of-the art products that are at least as good or better than any available for the professional installer market. Many of our kit services for oil, fuel, coolant, and transmission utilize Petro’s technology for OEM quality results!!!

The Penray Companies

This Chicago based company manufacturers an extensive fleet and industrial line of aerosol and pour products that meet the rigorous demands of the manufacturing sector. They are pioneers in cooling system maintenance formulas and are constantly improving their line to accommodate the rapidly changing automotive service sector. The Penray division features professional grade formulas for the high demands for quality in the installer market. They compliment the Super X and JetGo divisions which are marketed to the do-it-yourselfer through retail stores. The Penray Companies are positioning themselves in this industry to be a leader in Research and Development for cutting edge chemistry.


Life Automotive has its roots in the transmission rebuild industry. In the 1980s they developed a synthetic based transmission conditioner to prevent valve bodies from sticking, eliminate torque converter shudder, and improve the performance of their rebuilt units. Building on their success Life expanded their offerings and branched out into the auto maintenance sector. They now offer a complete line of automatic transmission supplements as well as excellent power steering formulas, fuel service products, and other service kits as well.

Over the years Life Automotive has developed a massive private label business for many aftermarket automotive and marine companies. It is not surprising to find some of their excellent house formulas under other labels in the installer market.

Recently purchased by Phillips Petroleum, along with their sister company Red Line Oil, Life continues to be driven by their desire for superior quality in all their products. I have found them to be knowledgeable about their chemistry and thorough in their marketing strategies and am pleased to represent them in this market.


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